Almost everyone you know of probably has at least one air conditioning unit at his house. At this era,
where summer (and winter) temperatures are breaking records, many would deem AC as a necessary
appliance in the household, coming up next to refrigerators and stoves.

Rising in rank, from being a luxury to being an important part of the household, it was only a few
decades ago that only the rich could afford air conditioning prices. It is unheard of for some countries to
have air conditioning, the trend of having one is mostly limited to America and Europe. A boom in
economic development has allowed more and more countries, specifically in tropics, to open up to using
air conditioning.

It is understandable as everyone wants to keep cool in the midst of the blistering heat this summer is
sure to be. Keeping cool (likened to staying sane by most people) is the prime reason air conditioning
units are cranked up to their fullest thermostat.

However, turning the thermostat full may not be enough, in fact, you might just be doing nothing but
blowing up your electricity bill. Here are some ways you can get the most of your air conditioning units.

Get it tuned up by a professional service personnel regularly.

There’s a lot that can fail in an air conditioning. While it might not be as recognizable to us, but signs of
wear and tear, as well as a decrease in serviceability, can easily be addressed by an expert. Think of the
machine as an engine with lots of parts and systems; you will need regular maintenance to keep that
engine purr going. The same goes with a unit. The fluids, wires, tubes and system components all have
life spans and should be checked to avoid breakdown of parts.

Keep your filters clean.
You don’t need a professional for this. Air filters are easy to clean, most can be wiped off with a rag or brush. You might want to do this every 2-3 months, and if you’ re a heavy user, you might need to do this every month or so. Cleaning your filters will allow more air flow, easing the workload on your unit. Maintaining its cleanliness also ensures that pathogens and allergens caught in the filter are removed.

Get fans for your room.
Fans ensure that the room will always have constant air flow and circulation. Cold air will be able to
travel to other parts of the room with less effort from the air conditioning unit. This, in turn, allows the
air conditioner to focus more on cooling the air and less on making it reach the hotter parts of the
It stands true that prevention is better than cure, with preventive maintenance and routine check-ups
you will be able to get the most of your air conditioning unit as well as the value of your money. Other
than perform better, your machine will also be able to last longer letting you enjoy the cool air without
breaking your bank.