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DIY Plumbing Projects Every Homeowner Must Know

While the idea of fixing your own plumbing system can seem daunting to you, it is important that you try to fix it first before you go looking for the plumber in town. Remember that plumbing’s services aren’t cheap, so you should save it for a more serious problem that requires tools and high-grade training you can only find a professional plumber. Here are the following DIY plumbing works  from Groff plumbing service in Singapore every homeowner can try every time your plumbing system acts up.

  1.    Installing a shower head

You don’t need to call a professional plumber in installing a showerhead. All you need to do is gather the right tools such as wrenches and Teflon along with other plumber’s putty and drain snake.

To put it simply, all that requires you is to unscrew the old shower from where it’s attached (the shower arm) and make sure there are no threads left before you wrap a bit of Teflon around it. Next, you can now screw the new shower following the manufacturer’s guide. Make sure that you read thoroughly because some models do not require any Teflon tape at all. In fact, it can even cause a leak if you wrap some of it.

  1.    Fixing the leak in a single-handle sink faucet

Faucet leaks are common and you don’t need to summon a professional plumber every time it acts up. All you need to do is learn this method.

First, you need to remove the old handle and inspect the mechanism. You can replace it or just surround it with seals to stop the water leaking. Make sure that you inspect properly before putting back the pieces because it can cause another trouble in short time. You could always buy a faucet repair kit and replace everything to ensure that the leak would not happen for an extended period of time. Neither of the aforementioned options we’ve mentioned above is expensive so it shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  1.    Fixing leaks in bathtub faucet

If it’s the faucet in your bathtub that has leaked, it is somehow similar to fixing leaks in your kitchen sink faucet only that the bathtub is required to replace it with the valve as well.

  1.    Installing a new faucet

For those people who think installing a new faucet to avoid leaking is the only key, you should learn this method. First, you need to find the right faucet to buy. It will come with a manual. Using the right tools, you can install the faucet similar to the way you’re going to install the faucet in your bathroom. The key here is finding the right faucet for your kitchen sink.

These are the different types of DIY projects that you can try. It will help you to save money in the long run. It’s not always bad to try to fix the problem first. However, make sure that you call a professional plumber if it gets worse because you can deteriorate the problem without even knowing it. Find out more about singapore groff plumbing when you follow us.


Why there’s a need for emergency plumbing services?

Plumbing services is in charge for the setting up and maintenance of piping and other materials used for the distribution of water, gases and to transport dense air within buildings and infrastructures. This kind of service also includes repairing of toilets, tubs, urinals, sinks, cleaning fountains and so as in installation of garbage disposal system. The person who does all of these services is referred to as plumber.

According to SG1 Plumber, plumbers are responsible for community sanitation. They play a vital role for the cleanliness of the community and the environment as a whole. They are skilled and well experienced individuals who are specialized in the field of plumbing wherein work is highly demandable. Their work is very laudable because most of us need their service whether at home, office, school, markets, business establishments, buildings and the like.

There is a need for emergency plumbing services for emergency issues like overflowing toilets, spurt washing machine hose, leaking water pipes, frozen pipes, kitchen drain, emergency gas line issues and other concerns that need immediate action. Plumbers may identify the work for emergency plumbing services because they can attest how urgent the job requires to be done. We cannot afford taking time to wait for someone a day or two to repair our bathroom drain clogs since it may hamper our daily personal inevitabilities to use the bathroom.

We don’t want to pay high water bills as well; as a result from leaking water pipes so we want to make sure that once such problem arises, it should be fixed instantaneously. Those everyday circumstances of plumbing matters speak about how important their services are in the society. There are emergency plumbing service companies who cater all those above mentioned concerns. They all offer fast and reliable stroke of workbut are competing in terms of affordability and quality of service.

They have 24-hours service lines for people to connect with. Emergency plumbing services diagnose plumbing issues in a timely manner and attend to clients the quickest possible. The service is very crucial because plumbers really make sure that all the individuals present in the building, houses or any establishments are protected from any harm and gets safe and clean water, and will not get congested rest rooms and other problem to arise that could bring unwanted mess.

Plumbing industry nowadays has given many people employment and has been considered as a solid economic instrument. Plumbing services are needed for sanitation and for protecting populations from possible diseases due to poor plumbing service or improper hygiene practice without the presence of plumbers. No matter how simple the situation is, we should call the attention of a professional plumber for us to be sure that the work to be done will not risk our loved ones health and ours too. They are more knowledgeable and they know what to do more than we can or anybody in the house can. Getting the assistance of a dependable plumbing company could certainly function and diagnose the problem well.


What to Consider when Hiring a Professional Plumber?

You will need the services of a plumber at some point. If and when you do, you want to be sure that you will have the right professionals assisting you. There are a number of them out there, and you need to make sure that the one expert you will decide to bring to your home to get your system serviced, maintained, or repaired is indeed a professional.

Certifications and accreditation

Always find out what credentials these providers possess before you will decide to seek to their services. You need to know that they are indeed quaffed. A good sign that they are is when they are accredited. They need to be certified too. Remember that they will not be able to secure these papers unless they have undergone appropriate training.

They are registered
You need to make sure that this is one professional that is registered as a trade person. This means that he is bound by the professional and ethical standards that are set in the industry that he belongs. This also means that every single service he extends to his clients will be subject to such. Thus, assuring you assurance that he is indeed the right man for your plumbing job.

He is insured
You know that a trade person is legitimate when he is insured. The plumbing business is a serious business and one that will come with its how sets of risks too. It is reassuring to know that you have a provider who takes his hob seriously that he has managed to secure appropriate insurance for it. Always make this a non-negotiable when you decide who to hire.

Has emergency services
There is really no telling when you might need the services of these providers. You just need assurance that in those times that you will, you can expect them to be there to get your issues sorted out before it will have any chance to escalate to something worse.

Bonded service
Another sign that you are seeing a provider who happens to be serious at his line of work is when he offers a bonded service. This gives customers assurance that this is a provider who has so much faith and the service that he does that he is willing to offer the necessary guarantees for it. This all means that if at some point you are not satisfied with the work that he did, a bonded service means that the contractor will have to redo it without any need for you to pay him anything more.

Good reviews
You can tell a lot about a provider based n the reviews that they have been getting from customers they have assisted before. Check the web. See what people are saying about them and their services, and you will know exactly what to expect if you will ever decide to get them to d plumbing work for you. Make the best of your choices too. Since there are many possible providers around, check out three prospects or more. Get to know them better afterward, so you are sure that you do not just get the services of a professional plumber, but the best one there is too.