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Wholesale Advantages Of Going Rustic

Going rustic could mean that you are rough and ready. It could mean that you are out in the wild, close to nature and all the challenges it brings. There are some of you who have been brave enough to go this route. But for a majority of readers, achieving that rustic look and feel in home or business was still just a pipe dream. Not anymore. Quality rustic planks are being prepared by sensitive lumberjacks and their bespoke carpentry partners.

This is a small opportunity to briefly describe those gentlemen that bring you your rustic wood planks. Of all the accolades that could be afforded to your wild and rough-hewn lumberjack, why would one be prepared to define him as being sensitive? And what makes his partner in wood, the carpenter, a bespoke carpentry man? Lumberjacks are a lot closer to nature than you would have thought.

Still to this day, they are at the coalface of all that has gone wrong. They have seen the negative impact global warming and climate change has had on their beloved forests. Today, they are the guardians of what you should always regard as your national heritage. These gentlemen, the woodsman and the carpenter, are preparing your planks as sustainably as possible. Pretty much all trees that are under their watch are harvested from plantations that are not under threat.

rustic planks

And if that’s not the case, the forests in which they spend most of their working hours are what you could call new-borns. The carpenter is bespoke. After he has listened intently to your enquiries and specifications, he will proceed to carefully manufacture the rustic planks in accordance with your wishes. He has a lot of ground to cover because rustic wood suits so many different purposes and environments.

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