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DIY Plumbing Projects Every Homeowner Must Know

While the idea of fixing your own plumbing system can seem daunting to you, it is important that you try to fix it first before you go looking for the plumber in town. Remember that plumbing’s services aren’t cheap, so you should save it for a more serious problem that requires tools and high-grade training you can only find a professional plumber. Here are the following DIY plumbing works  from Groff plumbing service in Singapore every homeowner can try every time your plumbing system acts up.

  1.    Installing a shower head

You don’t need to call a professional plumber in installing a showerhead. All you need to do is gather the right tools such as wrenches and Teflon along with other plumber’s putty and drain snake.

To put it simply, all that requires you is to unscrew the old shower from where it’s attached (the shower arm) and make sure there are no threads left before you wrap a bit of Teflon around it. Next, you can now screw the new shower following the manufacturer’s guide. Make sure that you read thoroughly because some models do not require any Teflon tape at all. In fact, it can even cause a leak if you wrap some of it.

  1.    Fixing the leak in a single-handle sink faucet

Faucet leaks are common and you don’t need to summon a professional plumber every time it acts up. All you need to do is learn this method.

First, you need to remove the old handle and inspect the mechanism. You can replace it or just surround it with seals to stop the water leaking. Make sure that you inspect properly before putting back the pieces because it can cause another trouble in short time. You could always buy a faucet repair kit and replace everything to ensure that the leak would not happen for an extended period of time. Neither of the aforementioned options we’ve mentioned above is expensive so it shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  1.    Fixing leaks in bathtub faucet

If it’s the faucet in your bathtub that has leaked, it is somehow similar to fixing leaks in your kitchen sink faucet only that the bathtub is required to replace it with the valve as well.

  1.    Installing a new faucet

For those people who think installing a new faucet to avoid leaking is the only key, you should learn this method. First, you need to find the right faucet to buy. It will come with a manual. Using the right tools, you can install the faucet similar to the way you’re going to install the faucet in your bathroom. The key here is finding the right faucet for your kitchen sink.

These are the different types of DIY projects that you can try. It will help you to save money in the long run. It’s not always bad to try to fix the problem first. However, make sure that you call a professional plumber if it gets worse because you can deteriorate the problem without even knowing it. Find out more about singapore groff plumbing when you follow us.


Common Causes of Poor Air Flow From Your AC

Air conditioning systems in your homes is no longer a luxury these days.  Unlike the older times, when only the rich can afford air conditioning system, it is already a common sightings in homes.  Whether it be a flush subdivision or a low cost housing, air conditioning systems are now installed.  Maintaining such systems is quite expensive, to add to that, the power consumption that is incurred. To limit unexpected additional expenses, please be aware of the common causes of poor air flow from your AC making the aircon not cold.

Condenser. It is one part of the air conditioning system, that involves collecting air and convert it from gas to liquid form, thus separating heat from cold.  If the condenser is blocked by foreign objects, it will cause fewer air that is converted, than the normal amount of air required as per designed. The air converted will then be blown inside the rooms.  So, fewer air intake and converted, less air flow.

Block vents and registers. Vents and registers are the exit points of an air conditioning system, where cool air passes through, towards the rooms or the interior of the building or structure.  When this component of the system is blocked, it will cause very less air flow. Furniture arrangement must also be considered, because furniture placed directly opposite any vent, will also cause less air flow.

Filters.  Filters play an important role in the system.  It filters the air intake preventing dust, dirt and other foreign objects from entering the ducts.  Dirt when inside the duct will cause damage. When the filter is clogged by dirt and other objects, preventing the exact amount of air to go in, poor air flow will be observed. Filters should be change often and in doing so, please choose the one required by its specification.  This is to avoid damage.

Ducts. This is the component in the system where cold air passes through, going to the vents. Sometimes ducts are blocked by dust and moist inside.  It will cause narrowing of the duct inside and when it happens, its capacity to allow air to flow, lessen.  It is possible when air filter is damage and allows dirt to enter the duct.  Another cause of poor air flow is leaking duct. When there is a crack or hole in the duct, it allows air to come out in other area. So, the air flow towards the vents decreases making it one of the reasons why aircon is not cold.

Air conditioning systems are designed to bring quality, cooled air to our homes and businesses. This is to bring a relax and comfortable feeling to the people inside.  In businesses, it will improve productivity and of course profit.  In homes, it will create a very relaxing environment.  An atmosphere much needed to cool off from a very tiring day at work.

The key here is maintenance. By doing so properly, it will longer the life span of the system and will resort to less financial woes.  You can always check for problems yourself, but please leave doing repairs to the professionals.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Car Locksmith

It is important that the person you hired to help you with your problem knows the process and ways to fix it. Problems with locks are best solved by professional locksmiths from house to cars and other locked situations. However, often times the house locksmith that you know is not the perfect person to call for your car needs. Thus, you need to contact a car locksmith, you should know the difference. Car locksmiths are most suited for mobile vehicle needs as this is their field of expertise. Let say that you locked your car and forgot your keys inside or broke it, you can call a locksmith to help you with it. If you work with someone professional and knowledgeable about the job you get full assurance that the job is done well and taken care of. Aside from excellent service, a professional car locksmith in Singapore has and knows the right gear and equipment to use for the job. Below are the list of the following key factors that you should consider working with a professional car locksmith.

Meeting Specific Needs

We all know that customer service is always about meeting customer needs and wants. It is the same for professional car locksmith. They want to make sure that you get the professional and excellent service for your car problems, especially with car lock issues. Moreover, car locksmiths are convenient and flexible since in some cases their office is mobile. They will surely arrive before you know it.

They Have the Right Tools

If doctors have surgery tools then car locksmiths also have their own tools to use. Having the perfect tool guarantees you that the service will be excellent accompanied with an experience in the field give you a whole lot of assurance that the job will go smoothly and surely.

Good at Their Jobs

There is no other word to describe professional car locksmiths but exceptional. They will examine locking mechanisms of your car to create a new key, if ever you broke yours. In other words, they are masters of unlocking locking mechanism for your car. This is because they went to four-year course training and are certified after. They even take examinations to get licensed and certificate making it a huge advantage on their part. Furthermore, they are also honed from years of expertise and experience. Now that makes you feel a whole lot secure for your car.

If you are a keen and deep thinker person then you would not even doubt hiring a professional car locksmith for your car needs. Do not underestimate car locksmiths as they play a vital role in the society and our everyday lives. However, you may also want to consider having your cars lock system checked or even your keys. But this does not mean that you can prevent such lock problems from happening. It is just a measure to identify if you need to contact a car locksmith before your car keys end up breaking in a very important time of the day.