Reggie Clemons has sat on death row since his 1993 conviction for the Chain of Rocks Bridge tragedy. However, many significant and troubling questions linger about who actually committed the crime for which Reggie was convicted. Locally and across the country, police are increasingly using Tasers to subdue “suspects”. However, during the incidents of police tasering in the last few years, many have been injured, some appear to have been tortured with the Taser and there have been more than a few deaths.

The campaign for a Civilian Oversight Board and local control of the police in the city of St. Louis continues (see page 5). Nationally, Copwatch organizations have started in many cities to directly monitor and record police actions when local governments and police are not doing enough. Even with a Civilian Oversight Board, Copwatch programs can empower the comunity, undermine police authority, while building community connections and safety.