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In this issue of Confluence we take an honest look on police relations with the community. Popular and corporate media images of police portray them as protecting the community from crime and drugs. However, many people feel intimidated and harassed by police and experience them as an occupying force that they fear. Confluence focuses on investigating these different experiences with police, specifically issues of police misconduct and abuse of power. In “Fatal Police Shooting Called Murder” on page one, Confluence journalist digger, tells the story of how 15 year-old Jeremy Robinson was shot by St. Louis police in the back and front while lying on the ground December 29, 2006. At that time, police said he was involved in a car theft and had a gun–both allegations turned out to be lies. Last year in New York city, Sean Bell was killed on his wedding day in a hail of 50 police bullets, as told by New York Indypendent writer Nick Powers on page four.